Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Varchar(500) to ftMemo ?
Author Jason Wharton
You could make a modification to the IBO sources.
Look in IBODataset.pas and make it so that it will not use the memo field
type unless the string is larger than 1024 or something like that.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Re: Varchar(500) to ftMemo ?

Hi thanks,

I can't set fieldtype in persistent mode because my query is every
modified at runtime. The Fields, types, column positions, all are
variable, and will be run equal to fields in select statement.

Examples for my "Search Form" (like LOV => List of values in Oracle
Forms Developer, to show and select a record and values):

Example: form 1 call function parsing => select id, name from persons
! integer ! varchar !
> id ! name !
! id ! name !

Example: form 2 call function parsing => select name, id from persons
! varhcar ! integer !
> name ! id !
! name ! id !

Is only 1 (one) TIBOQuery for any sql statement, modified at run time
by function:

return_item_id := func_call_search_form('select vlr, descr from

The function apply these sql, open, search table for criteria (in
edit box), return currente selected ID for record or 0 (zero) if no
one has selected)

All forms in my application have to call and show this "global" form
to show and select values in the DBGrid, and finally return a value

How can to do this functionality ?


Edson Luis Gon├žalez