Subject Re: [IBO] DML updating using tib_cursor
Author Steve Fields
Helen, I am currently setting it to tiReadCommitted because
somewhere, in this forum, I read that I need to set
read committed and do not use autocommit (server or local).
I forget why now, but it was what I needed as a basic
setting(s) I was under the impression that to commit it
would close the datasets relating to the database and
would therefore _lose_ the record I was letting the user
This is for a basic invoice/lineitem type of system,
with twists relevant to our situation. I would make the
changes in the background to the line items and the base
totals, etc with a tib_cursor or a tib_dsql, (whatever it
takes) but needed the values to update immediately on posting
the lineitem changes. I am using all of the DML settings as
true for each dataset involved (TIB_Queries and a few

Steve Fields

Helen Borrie wrote:
> What transaction isolation are your datasets running in? If it's not
> tiCommitted, then it won't see the outcome of the DML until next time its
> transaction is committed via a hard commit, even if you refresh it in
> response to a DMLCaching signal.
> Don't use CommitRetaining for your on-the-fly SQL statement's transaction,
> since the purpose of CommitRetaining is to retain the same transaction
> context. This will affect the rowset which the update statement's
> transaction can see as "eligible".
> Helen
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