Subject Re: [IBO] DML updating using tib_cursor
Author Luiz

Using IBOdmlcaches doesn't allow you see your owner updates,inserts and
It make use of IB(FB) events and you can see only changes posted for others
users logged with username different from yourself.
I think you have to use refresh to see the modifications after you post to
If your refresh doesn't work, there is some problem with your settings
related to transactions.


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Subject: [IBO] DML updating using tib_cursor

> How do I update a master-detail setup using an
> _external_ tib_cursor to make record updates
> to the detail:
> On a master record and a detail record linked by
> mastersource/masterlink system I need to make a
> update of a date in all of the detail records linked
> to the master. But I need to show this updating in
> a grid. I use a tib_cursor with a on-the-fly sql
> statement that changes the fields and then commits
> (commitretaining). This does not reflect in the grid
> though, even though DML flags are all set. Refresh
> of the master does not seem to reflect these changes..
> How? (TIA)