Subject XP Interface
Author radevojvodic
Dear all,

I wrote a few applications using IBObjects and Telesis Enhanced
components. In recent versions of both products most of the bugs and
problems are solved. Now I have stable applications that do just what
I want them to. But (there is always one), recently I installed
Windows XP and I put .manifest file along with my application to be
able to use XP Themes. Now I have application that has two different
appereance of combo boxes. IB_ComboBox is using XP Themes and
IB_LookupCombo does not. Also, IB Bars are not aware of XP Themes and
buttons on these bars appears just like in previous windows versions.

What I'm interested in is what can be done to get all IB components
to be aware of XP Themes. I'm using Delphi 6 and I did not try to
recompile my application with Delphi 7. Would it be the same if I do

Some other components have same problem (BitButtons for examle).