Subject Re: R: [IBO] Memproof errors (Repost)
Author Jason Wharton

I'm not saying this is what I expect of you. Just something you can consider
an option while the reality of dealing with a less than perfect me. If you
use Beyond Compare and my incremental source releases, it is often very easy
to identify fixes from one sub-release to the next. You may consider looking
at some of the source changes pertaining to bugs. This is often an excellent
way to see just what I am up to. Usually, bug fixes don't amount to much
code so you could take a fix from a later version and manually put it in an
older version you have standardized on.

Just some ideas...

Meanwhile, my workstation is pretty much back together again. I got nailed
by a virus (nimda) cause I was a dummy and didn't get my IIS 4 fully patched
on a test machine I had. That damn virus crawls over you LAN too. Needless
to say, I've had a mess on my hands the last couple days. Fortunately, no
critical data was lost.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

-- We may not have it all together --
-- But together we have it all --

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> >
> > I have simply neglected to move to later releases of IBO.
> > The version I have frozen at is perfectly adaquate for what
> > I want - the laziness is that I can't afford to retest 3
> > years worth of good code on each release.
> Personally, I don't know how anyone used IBO before 4.2Hf, since
> this release contained the fix that Jason and I worked-on which
> stopped a double post occurring on a master-detail insert. This error
> caused both Insert and Update triggers to fire on a single Master
> insert, and (potentially) caused any changes generated in the Insert
> trigger to be nullified.
> From other user's posts, it looks like the Win98 resource problem
> crept-in after sub-release 4.2Ha so I am basically stuck... I need
> the Hf changes but I have to deal with the Ha resource bug.
> The 'laziness' I mentioned is that it's nice for a component-
> library writer to work on new features, enhancements, etc., but if
> the base contains serious bugs then it is absolutely critical that
> the bugs take precedence over any new development. This is all part
> of the discipline that a 'professional' programmer must have. A
> number of users have posted informative messages on the problem and
> even created demo programs to highlight the problems so, therefore,
> much work has been done to aid in the elimination of the bug. I am
> trying to identify the source of the bug, but I have very little
> knowledge of most of the IBO source code.
> >
> > Fixes and tweeks for W2k and XP are not needed for W98SE, so
> > I repeat my previous gripe - why do you want to keep
> > updating?
> >
> > Once again Jason - can't we freeze another finished version?
> How can this version be frozen with this serious Win98 problem
> contained within it?