Subject R: [IBO] Memproof errors (Repost)
Author Arn
Hi Eric and All.

I want thanks You for the effort You are putting to solve the " Win98
hanging "problem.
As a reminder I can say that all works fine until the IBO_H_2 Ha version of

I have read the question You send to a guy called Tony, regarding the
TIB_Grid as culprit of the system crash.

He seems do not reply, at least until now.

I can say something about this.

Few of us use Win98 and so this problem is a bit neglected.

I am Sure that the TIB_Grid hang the apps cause I have done a demo to send
to Jason.
He don't have Win98 and cannot test it.This a couple of months ago.

Follow the Procedure:
1) Starting Explorer.
2) on the help I can check all the resources available : for istance 87%
3) launch the demo
4) at every click or scroll down in the grid I can see a loss of 2% in the
system resource.
this lead to a irreversible crash.

5) I restart the computer ... a must...
6) all the steps above until 4 but without the TIB_Grid
7) ALL WORKS FINE , NO PROBLEM AT ALL. The system resources stay stable ad
libidum ( You can play Prior, Last all the times You want, You can walk in
the dataset I try 500 up and down no problem )

You are right also about the IB_UpdateBar issues. Sometimes give strange
errors like " Parameter is not correct ".
But in my demo there is the IB_UpdateBar also, with the TIB_Grid hangs,
without works fine and don't crash.
So it don't seems to be responsable of the problem.
Again Thank You for your time and efforts You are putting to solve this
annoying issues.
You are doing a good work, keep up and let Me know if You need a help in


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From: Eric Handbury <ehandbury@...>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 3:34 AM
Subject: [IBO] Memproof errors (Repost)

> Hello,
> (BCB6-SP2, IBO4_Hg, FB-1.0-796, TEnh 2.1.1)
> I posted a message regarding memproof errors in my IBO application
> about 2 weeks ago with no responses which is surprising since memory
> leaks are a component-library author's worst nightmare.
> The main GDI memory leaks seem to happen in the IB_UpdateBar.pas
> module (in the SysStateChanged procedure (line 584 in my IBO
> version)). The following code snippet from that procedure indicates
> that the memory allocated in the Assign (WinAPI CreatePalette) is not
> being freed.
> if (CustomGlyphs = nil) or not (ubPost in CustomGlyphsSupplied)
> then
> Buttons[ ubPost ].Glyph.Assign( StandardBitmap
> ( 'UPD_BAR_POST' ));
> Could this be researched to determine if it is a problem? Thanks
> for your help.
> Eric.