Subject Re: [IBO] Windows and ForcedWrites
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:16 PM 25-09-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Most of our clients use a Windows 2000 as server and 2000/98 as
>My understanding is having IBODataset.ForcedWrites = false (
>asynchronous ) is a bad idea for the above environment. (correct ? )

Correct. Asynchronous writes are not well-supported on Windows
servers. (They are not supported at all on Win-Playstation servers..)

>The tIBODataset.Forcedwrites is set to dpbDefault - is this setting
>forced writes on or off ?

It is whatever the the server is set to. This is by default ON for
Firebird and IB 5.6, OFF for InterBase 6.

>IB v6 and up the default is asynchronous - will the
>IBODataset.ForcedWrites override this - or must I use gfix ?

The Forced Writes setting can only be set when the user has exclusive
access to the database. Thus, the first user MAY be able to set it but it
is unlikely that you can count on exclusive access unless SYSDBA explicitly
performs a successful shutdown using gfix -shut

So, in short, for each server you deploy, be safe and use gfix as SYSDBA
to first get exclusive access and then to set FW on. Keep the IBO setting
as dpbDefault.