Subject Re: [IBO] Windows and ForcedWrites
Author Daniel Rail
At 25/09/2002 09:16 AM, you wrote:
>Most of our clients use a Windows 2000 as server and 2000/98 as
>My understanding is having IBODataset.ForcedWrites = false (
>asynchronous ) is a bad idea for the above environment. (correct ? )


>The tIBODataset.Forcedwrites is set to dpbDefault - is this setting
>forced writes on or off ?

This means that it takes whatever the database setting is.

>IB v6 and up the default is asynchronous - will the
>IBODataset.ForcedWrites override this - or must I use gfix ?

I use GFIX to apply ForecdWrites=ON to the database.

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