Subject Re: [IBO] SQL Query problem?
Author Daniel Rail
At 25/09/2002 06:39 AM, you wrote:
>Dear List,
>I've changed from Version 4.2Fr to 4.2Hj, but I've got the following
>instead with version "Hj" I've got an Exeption Error also directly preparing
>the statment from the IB_Query Editor.
>If i Cut a part of the query, (SELECT VALUTA..... or SELECT PREZZO....)
>The Query still works.
>What I'm doing wrong?

You're doing nothing wrong. I'm actually relieved that I'm not the only
one having that kind of problem.

I've sent to Jason a sample GDB and sample app which is probably related to
the same problem a few days ago. I too upgrade recently to 4.2Hj and was
only getting the exception error with one of my queries, but before with
4.2Gc, I wasn't getting the error.

Just as a test try it with TIB_Cursor to see if it works. Because the
query that was giving me an access violation exception error in TIB_Query
worked in TIB_Cursor.

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