Subject Inheritance porblem (repost)
Author Clément Doss

I am using D5, IBO 4.2.Gc.

I created a Datamodule and dropped a TIB_Connection on it.
I named it IBO_Access.
I create a second Datamodule that inherits IBO_Access, I named it
IBO_Access1. This will be the one that I will use in my project (Uses

I create a Datamodule and dropped a IBOQuery on it.
I am using IBO_Access1 in Uses clauses.
I set IBOQuery1.IB_Connection to IBO_Access1.IB_Connection.
I can enter the query, but I cannot AddFields using the Fields Editor.
There=B4s an error that says that a blank statement cannot be prepared.
I double checked all my connections and the only blank statement I
have is in IBO_Access (Parent datamodule).
When I close the application and reopen it, I have 2 login forms to
enter. The first one fills the Database name correctly ( I guess its
the derived one IBO_ACCESS1 where all the info is filled at design
time). The second one is totally blank (No info is filled) it must be
from IBO_Access (parent Datamodule).

Can I inherited IB_Connection from a parent Datamodule?
Should I be doing this?=20

Best regards,