Subject Re: [IBO] Set a TIB_Query into dssEdit mode
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:34 PM 17-09-02 +0200, you wrote:
>Hm, I'm not shure what kind of problem it is, but I try to describe :
>My app is working as a MDI application with one central TIB_DataBase
>component. I placed TIB_Querys and TIBDataSources on the MDI-Child forms. Up
>to now I have no Master-Detail relations between any TIB_Querys.
>There are no foreign keys in the database definition. (might be important?)
>It's working fine, but during my programming and testing I noticed that I
>can not edit the data values in only some forms! All TIB_Querys are set to
>and then TIB_DataSources to
>I checked the TIB_DataSource.state and when the tables are opened they are
>in "dssBrowse" state
>When I try to force the "dssEdit" mode there is a message "Cannot edit
>current row"
>What worries me is, that in some forms all is fine and in some not.....

What is the SQL of the queries which you cannot edit? What are the
KeyLinks set to?