Subject [IBO] Set a TIB_Query into dssEdit mode
Hm, I'm not shure what kind of problem it is, but I try to describe :

My app is working as a MDI application with one central TIB_DataBase
component. I placed TIB_Querys and TIBDataSources on the MDI-Child forms. Up
to now I have no Master-Detail relations between any TIB_Querys.

There are no foreign keys in the database definition. (might be important?)

It's working fine, but during my programming and testing I noticed that I
can not edit the data values in only some forms! All TIB_Querys are set to


and then TIB_DataSources to


I checked the TIB_DataSource.state and when the tables are opened they are
in "dssBrowse" state

When I try to force the "dssEdit" mode there is a message "Cannot edit
current row"

What worries me is, that in some forms all is fine and in some not.....

best regards - Ulrich