Subject Re: [IBO] I get dbhandle always 1 (ERR Handling)
Author Burak OZLER
Hi Jason.

I'm writing a finance application and it's multiuser. I'm trying to get meaningful err messages
from the running SP's ( I don't use Triggers much I like controllig the events). IB's event option
is not suitable for me becouse you can only get the messages when the transaction committed, this is
too late for me. When a user get's in a module a transaction starts separetaly and when the job is
done the transaction commits. There are many SP's running in a transaction. I have to get the
messages when the exception occures. I can't use exceptions also becouse it crashes the SP
execution( And I can't handle the exception from client side, If there is a chance to do it please
inform me). Most of the time I call one SP at a time and that SP call's many sp's internally. One of
The most important reaseon why I need this messages, if an exception occurs I have to roll back the
SP's for data integritiy.

Now waht will I do with database handle??

I get the transaction handle when the transaction starts. I'm trying to get the dbhandle when my
main connection connects. Wit these I'll get a two field unique (I couldn't test unique becouse I
can't get dbhandle yet) index. I'll send these two field to my all SP's and when a exception occurs.
An another SP will write the required information to a table with this informaiton. After execution
of a SP I'll read the table, if there are records about these two field, I'll decide what to do
depending to the exception states.

This is why I need dbhandle.

If you or the community have better ideas for achiving the stuation please inform me. Becouse if
I decide this way this will make me late for 2 months becouse I'm writing this app for 7 month's and
I used to plan to end this app before 2003.



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Subject: Re: [IBO] I get dbhandle always 1

> Not sure why... Why are you casting it to integer?
> What are you planning to do with it?
> Jason Wharton
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> Subject: [IBO] I get dbhandle always 1
> > Hi all
> >
> > I get dbHandle of my main connection object always 1. I run this code
> conn.afterconnect
> >
> > DB_CON_HANDLE := Integer(dbaMain.dbHandle^);
> >
> > what I'm doin wrong???
> >
> >
> > Burak OZLER