Subject Re: [IBO] Feedback via ProgressBars?
> With Paradox tables I provide feedback for long operations using a progress bar as an
> indicator.
> Is there a way to do this when issuing a Select statement?

Simple answer - No. The server does not return anything
until it has finished the query.

> How about in a stored procedure that iterates through a known number of records? Is there
> some kind of callback mechanism available?

The problem is that the second you try and introduce a
callback, the query slows down. It is one of the few things
that Firebird/IB was never designed to handle - like killing
the query when it is taking too long. It's not an IBO

> What are some common ways of providing feedback when using IB Objects?

Having said it not an IBO problem - since IBO caches a lot
of the information as you progress, it may be that you can
break down your query into smaller chunks and just taking a
little longer to do things.

The real answer is that Firebird needs to provide informtion
that it does not currently provide, and I don't think that
it is high on the to do list ( but killing a query is? )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services