Subject Transaction & Err Control
Author Burak OZLER
Hi All,

I have a starange stuation. My modules runs by these ways.
a.. I always work with a single record (I don't want that the user fetch all data.
b.. I start a transaction before every module start. Every changes and running SP's run in that transaction.
c.. Then I commit or rollback.
d.. I write all the events in a big varchar object. After the SP's execution if the fail flag parameter is true I show the user the bigvarchar in a message dialog.
The Problem is

A SP calls a lot of SP and the error message can exceed varchar 3500. So user get meaningless error message to protect this stuation. I decide to write messages to a table with a number that representing the transaction.

To give a number my self is not so healty, I think.

I must use the number in SP's andin my running code...

Any number generation methot or sth else???

Any ideas???


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