Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO in Delphi 7 Professional
Author Stephen Lee-Woolf
Thanks for the suggestions, but this gets even more confusing

In article <3D7DE9C2.4010704@...>, frank@... says...
> sounds like there's a D6 path set in the PATH environment variable before
> the D7 path, so the D6 RTL is found first. what happens when you
> temporarily rename the entire D6 directory to D6_ or the like?
A look at the path environment variable shows that all D7 entries appear
before any relating to D6. In addition, neither the Library or Search
paths in the D7 environment contain any D6 references. Renaming the
entire D6 directory makes no difference - the same errors are generated.
> you could also search your hd for system.pas to find out what D6 path is causing
> the trouble.
system.pas is located in both c:\program files\borland\delphi6\source
\rtl\sys and c:\program files\borland\delphi7\source\rtl\sys. Neither
route is in the environment path.
> and another try: add RTL70 directly to the Requires list of the package that
> complains. When Delphi finds system.pas in there, it won't look any further.
The disk does not appear to have copies of either rtl60.dcp or rtl70.dcp
so Delphi won't allow me to to add the file to the requires list.
> hth,
> fingerman

Steve Lee-Woolf
University of Salford
Manchester, U.K.