Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO in Delphi 7 Professional
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Stephen,

Stephen Lee-Woolf wrote:
> After playing with the system for a morning, I have resolved the problem
> down to a single, constant error message that appears whichever design-
> time package I try to install. It is:
> 'Cannot load package 'rtl60'. It contains unit 'System' which is also
> contained in 'trl70''
> I'm lost at this point. I assume that something is left over from the
> Delphi6 version but I have no idea what to change, or where.
> BTW My system is running both D6 ad D7 and I am trying to install IBO on
> both systems, but each is contained within a separate directory
> structure.

sounds like there's a D6 path set in the PATH environment variable before
the D7 path, so the D6 RTL is found first. what happens when you
temporarily rename the entire D6 directory to D6_ or the like?

you could also search your hd for system.pas to find out what D6 path is causing
the trouble.

and another try: add RTL70 directly to the Requires list of the package that
complains. When Delphi finds system.pas in there, it won't look any further.


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