Subject IBO install error with Delphi 7 Enterprise
Author stanw1950
We just got Delphi 7 Enterprise and I tried to install IBO version
4.2.hg (on Win 98 sp2) and got the following errors when doing
a "build all projects" after opening ibo40_d6.bpg.

[error]IB_Grid(2584): Undeclared
identifier: 'TClassThatDoesNotExistToForceCompilerError'
[error]IB_Grid.pas(2584): Class type required
[error]IB_Grid.pas(2592): Identifier redeclared: 'THackCustomGrid'
[fatal error]IBC_Label.pas(298): Could not compile used
unit 'IB_Grid.pas'

Is there a workaround or do I have to wait until Jason creates a
Delphi 7 version? I follow the same procedure everytime so I don't
think I made a mistake.


Stan Walker
Lamsco West, Inc.