Subject Re: [IBO] Inserting a NULL value in a column
Author Luiz

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From: "David Husarik" <davidhusarik@...>
> I am using Delphi Professional 4.0 with update pack 3
> and IB Objects version 4.2Gc. In a parameterized
> stored procedure, how do I insert a null value into a
> field that can accept a null value. Would the folowing
> code chunk do the trick.
> if (locAddr = '') then
> begin
> parameterByName('LOC_ADDRESS').isNull;
> end
> else
> begin
> parameterByName('LOC_ADDRESS').asString := locAddr;
> end;

There isn't 'parameterByName' but 'ParamByName'.

You can use ParamByName('LOC_ADDRESS').Clear to set a null value.