Subject Re: [IBO] Dialect 3 Problem
Author Geoff Worboys
> When I first tried to convert to Dialect 3, I had a reserved keyword
> problem but I changed the column name.

> I tried building a new database with a script and then pumping my
> data into the new database. I still have the same problem. If I
> switch back to Dialect 1 the error disappears. When it is in Dialect
> 3 most stored procedures seem to work but one stored procedure has
> some problem with a parameter named 'employee' (a CHAR(6)).

The problem gets more interesting ;-)

Where you have...

ParamByName('EMPLOYEE').Value := gsEmpID;

can you try

ParamByName('EMPLOYEE').AsString := gsEmpID;

(I am presuming gsEmpID is a string value.)
I have an inate distrust of Delphi variant types, and the .Value
property uses variants.

Also; Any character sets involved?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing