Subject Lookup problem
Author Malcolm Smith
I've been working on this all day but now have to ask for help.

I have uploaded a demo project which I am going to use as the basis for a
tutorial on IBObjects - as soon as I understand everything - at

This zip file contains the following:

A C++Builder project and a sample database with the following layout:

Table: IPLOOKUP - holds IP Address information for an object called a Sprite

Table: GROUPS - master table in a master/detail relationship

Table: SPRITEDETAIL - the detail table. Has a field that is looked up in

I think I've worked it all out except for one issue.

My page showing the IPLOOKUP table seems to be read-only and I cannot work
out why.

Could someone PLEASE take a look at this project and tell me what I've done

Additionally, criticise the project if you have the time. IBO is all new
and I'm doing my best to piece it all together. If I'm going to write a
tutorial on how to create this project I'd like to make sure it is correct.

Malcolm Smith
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