Subject Re: [IBO] Incremental Searching [Re-Explained]
Author Jason Wharton
What are you expecting the dataset to do, go into some sort of special state
when the user is in the incremental searching control?

That doesn't seem feasible to me. Sure you could program things to be that
way in your application, I just don't see how I could automate it in a
generic sense.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Incremental Searching [Re-Explained]

> I'll explain this in more detail, as there is very little to explain.
> My form has a grid control, an incremental edit control and an update bar.
> All are connected to the same datasource.
> If a user clicks in the grid and clicks the insert button on the update
> a new row is added to the grid and they can enter the new record.
> If a user clicks in the incremental edit control and clicks the insert
> button (because it is enabled when it should not be) nothing happens
> visually to any of the controls except the update bar because of the new
> state.
> I have no code on this form regarding this so I have nothing to show from
> coding point of view.
> What I am asking is whether this behaviour is intended or not. Basically,
> if the user clicks in the incremental edit control I would expect the
> bar to not allow inserts or deletes.
> Hope this is clearer.
> Malcolm