Subject TIB_Currency unbound formatting
Author sdbeames
I have two TIB_Currency's on a form, one bound & one un-bound.
My DisplayFormat for both is "$0.00"

I'm assigning a value to the unbound one like this...

DlvryIncCurr->Value =
OrderQry->FieldByName("DLVRY_CHG_EX")->AsCurrency * 1.1;

The bound control always displays correctly, but with the unbound one
1/ initially, the '$' is not displayed until I click in the control,
2/ if the value is, say 0.20, it will always display as 0.2. 0.21
displays correctly.

Is there an easy solution to this?

Thank you,
BCB5/WinXP/IBO V4.2.Hi