Subject Re: [IBO] Linux firebird events
Author Pirtea Calin Iancu
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From: "Maik Wojcieszak"

> (second)
> but at the moment I only want to exclude IBObjects from
> the list of possible problem sources.
IBObjects is not the problem.

> (third)
> all of my config is standard - but at the moment I only want to know
> if somebody works successfully with events on linux/windows with
> IB_Objects. Or if there is a known problem. And a (hopefully simple)
> solution.
I do.

> I tested with firebird CS now and got a - failed to establish secondary
> connection - error when registering events. The CS does not crash
> at this point.
The Super Server has a bug when working with events. It wait forever
to establish the event connection and thus it "hangs". It is pretty bad
since are forced to kill the server and that can mean a lot of trouble
for the database as well.

But the reason it hangs is simply because the message from the server
towards the client cannot establish a connection.

You have to discribe you network in order to have a clue of what
might be happening there.

There is a thread called "[IBO] Connecting problems on Linux"
dated 24/08/2002 maybe you should have a look there too
(it is on ibobjects as well)


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