Subject Re: [IBO] Linux firebird events
Author Maik Wojcieszak
On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 11:34:58 +0300, Pirtea Calin Iancu wrote:

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>From: "Maik Wojcieszak"
>> Hi,
>> has anyone experience in using ibo, firebird/intebase and linux
>> with the interbase event mechanism.
>> My app is a windows client running on win2k, accessing a
>> firebird/interbase database on a linux machine.
>> tested databases:
>> firebird1.0SS
>> interbase6.01SS
>> tested linux
>> Suse 7.3 (no firewall restrictions)
>> Debian 3.0 ( no firewall at all )
>> everything works fine accessing the data writing data and so on, but
>> after trying to register events with IB_Events the database server
>> my app hangs and no further data access is possible until I restart the
>> Can anyone help ???
>My first advice is to search the ib-support group on this topic because it
>has been widely
>Second: this question should be on ib-support to begin with.
>Third: the information you have provided gives me no clue about how to help
>For instance: How many net-cards do you have on the linux machine.
>Or: Since you say there are no firewalls on the linux machine are there any
>on windows
>And so on ...

Ok, I will look at ib-support

but at the moment I only want to exclude IBObjects from
the list of possible problem sources.

all of my config is standard - but at the moment I only want to know
if somebody works successfully with events on linux/windows with
IB_Objects. Or if there is a known problem. And a (hopefully simple)

I tested with firebird CS now and got a - failed to establish secondary
connection - error when registering events. The CS does not crash
at this point.