Subject Re: [IBO] Connecting problems on Linux
Author rsaegerde
--- In IBObjects@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> I know you have been jumping about upon my suggestion,
> but it would be worth posting the problem - restated,
> along with this bit of "new evidence" - into the
> firebird-devel list, to see what this blackjack service is
Yes, I know, it is OT here, I think it has nothing to do with IBO.
I'll subscribe to firebird-devel and post it there.

> might be happening from using WISQL with the Firebird client
> library. WISQL uses the IB 5 version of isql.
Sorry, my mistake. I mean IB_SQL from Jason Wharton, I named it WISQL
on my computer. I've never used the "old" WISQL. And it was an
example only, I cannot connect at all: my apps, IB_SQL, IBExpert,
ISQL, GBAK, ..., nothing works until reboot.

> What happens if you just boot up the notebook, let the gds service
> and then do netstat? Does blackjack show then?
No, it doesn't:
tcp 0 0 *:gds_db *:* LISTEN
And I've never seen "blackjack" on my other computer, where it works

I've reinstalled linux on my notebook, but it didn't help. To clear
it, of course I don't need the notebook as server, but I'd like to
know, what to do, if it happends in production environment out there
by my clients.

Thank you very much, Helen. I'll try it on firebird-devel again.