Subject Re: [IBO] Connecting problems on Linux
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:38 AM 26-08-02 +0000, Richard Saegerde wrote:

>But wait, I have news:
>after the client fails to connect, I cannot connect any more, not
>with my apps, not with WISQL. Then I did "firebird stop" on
>the "server", it takes allways long time after the conection error,
>and during this time I called netstat -a again:
>tcp 137 0 localhost:gds_db localhost:blackjack CLOSE_WAIT
>What does it mean (blackjack sounds very ugly <g>)?

It means a local client process named blackjack, which is running on your
server, is hanging on to an instance of the gds_db service running on the
server but is waiting to close its connection. I know you have been
jumping about upon my suggestion, but it would be worth posting the problem
- restated, along with this bit of "new evidence" - into the
firebird-devel list, to see what this blackjack service is. I've never
seen it on my Linux server! (Not sure whether that makes me "lucky" or
"unlucky"). "blackjack" sounds like some kind of clobbering process! It's
the nickname for a policeman's truncheon...

And here's another "wild stretch" - something weird (I don't imagine what)
might be happening from using WISQL with the Firebird client
library. WISQL uses the IB 5 version of isql. There never was a
superserver version of IB 5 on Linux. Of course, Firebird/IB 6 have a new
version of isql. Maybe this (whatever thing) is causing the connection to
get crosswired somehow, that inteferes with the event process's subsequent
attempt to make its connection...

What happens if you just boot up the notebook, let the gds service start
and then do netstat? Does blackjack show then?