Subject Re: [IBO] Improvement for the SearchingLinks functionality?
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Christian/Jason,

Jason Wharton wrote:
> Blanks shouldn't be in any of the string list entries. Some editors make
> sure there are none but you may not be getting those benefits if you use the
> properties manually.
>>I never presented this issue to the members of this
>>support list, because I thought that I had made a
>>very stupid mistake :-(
>>The solution to this issue was quite stupid, indeed.
>>I had to change my SearchingLinks from "JOB = P_JOB"
>>to "JOB=P_JOB".
>>So my question is: Is it documented that blanks are
>>not allowed in SearchingLinks?

i am aware the following won't help you much, Christian, but: Yes, it *is*
documented. From the IBO help file, topic "TIB_StringList Object":

Please take care with punctuating these link entries. In general, avoid adding
extra spaces since the parsing may not be so forgiving as to allow them. In
particular, do not leave spaces either side of the "=" symbol in a link entry.

I do agree with you that it is inconsistent that some props *allow* spaces where
others don't - maybe a solution would be to show a warning msg in the IDE when
trying to set a TIB_StringList property that has blanks where they shouldn't be.

Jason, if it's ok with you i could look into the details and see what we can do
about this; the <tibstrings>.Set methods would need some refinement i guess...
they could just kick out additional blanks either side of the "=". (My fiSPEd
does this, but that's a whole different story :-)


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