Subject Connecting problems on Linux
Author rsaegerde

I've installed Firebird Superserver on 2 machines with Suse
7.3 kernel 2.4.16.

All my client apps connect OK on the 1st machine. But on the other
one all apps with IBO DML caching cannot connect.
The error message is:

ISC errorno: 335544721
ISC errormessage:
Unable to complete network request to host "dbserver".
Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing.
Unknown Win32 error 10061

After this error occurs, Firebird shutdown on the server takes several

WISQL, IBExpert and apps without IBO DML caching connect and run OK.

gds32.dll Vers. WI-V1.0.0.794
connection using TCP/IP "dbserver:/db/dbfile.gdb"

Any ideas?