Subject Improvement for the SearchingLinks functionality?
Author Christian G├╝tter

since December 2000, I have tried many times to write
a small sample app which uses SearchingLinks and an
IB_SearchEdit in the way the SearchingLinks sample app
written by Jason does it.

These tries were very frustrating, because it never
worked and I didn't know why. The IB_SearchEdit always
showed up in black color and entering search criteria
made no difference at all.

I never presented this issue to the members of this
support list, because I thought that I had made a
very stupid mistake :-(
The solution to this issue was quite stupid, indeed.
I had to change my SearchingLinks from "JOB = P_JOB"
to "JOB=P_JOB".

So my question is: Is it documented that blanks are
not allowed in SearchingLinks? Does it make sense
that they are not allowed? I think it doesn't, because
many other properties (eg. KeyLinks, OrderingLinks)
still work with strings containing blanks.
So if there is no technical reason why blanks are
disallowed in the SearchingLinks, this should be
considered as a small bug because it is inconsistent
with regard to the other *Links.

Just my 0,02 EUR.

Best regards,