Subject RE: [IBO] ib_grid and date

> First of all, this message tells us next to nothing on order
> for us to help
> you.
> It would be nice if we knew the steps you take to recreate
> this situation.
> It would also help if we knew what version of the various
> products you are
> on, settings in your OS for date formats, etc.

I have found a workarround for this just avoiding to have null dates when
creating a new record. So the problem is related with the editor.

Its easy to reproduce: create a table with a date field which should have a
default value of NULL, then try to edit the table using a IB_GRID.

My version is 4.2.Ha and I purchase the full product. My date format is
dd/mm/yyyy and I'm working on WIN 2000 Pro.

Hope this helps to catch the bug!