Subject Re: [IBO] About unsubscribing
Author Daniel Rail
At 22/08/2002 09:44 PM, you wrote:
>If your mail client doesn't display this for some reason, then it is YOUR
>responsibility to go to the list's main page at
> and maintain your own
>account there. (You can also reach it from My Groups).


Maybe, it sould help to add the "" to
the e-mail footer of IB-Objects group. It might be more visible, the
Delphi Programming group has it there. Even though, you still get some
that don't read it once in a while.

What can mislead some, is that other subscription lists on other servers
simply require to send an empty e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

And, I know that the welcome letter that is sent out does mention clearly
how to unsubscribe from the list.

Just my 2cents on the subject.

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