Subject Re: [IBO] BCD Fields
Author Jason Wharton
Will do.

Jason Wharton
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Subject: [IBO] BCD Fields

> My initial message was going to be
> 'Reading the BDE->IBO conversion guide in the lates version of the
> help file, it says that it is necessary to redefine all TBCDField
> components to TIBOBCDField components. However, when creating a new
> TIBOQuery, all persistant BCD Fields are created as TBCDField! The
> program appears to work as well despite warnings that it won't in the
> conversion guide. What's going on?'
> However on reading the release notes from IBO 4.2Hh I note that the
> TIBOBCDField is no longer used. This is very confusing to newbies
> like me! Can I suggest that the help file and the FAQ on the website
> are modified to remove this advice. I know that this is a minor point
> but I think that this is important as most new IBO users like myself
> come to IBO from a BDE background and need to convert existing
> applications. My and other new users' first point of information will
> therefore be the conversion guide.