Subject Re: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor ??
Author G.Allen Casteran
In article <MPG.17cf8b13dd7c0fb989681@...>, allen@...
> I am getting this error reported when I run PostingTransaction.Commit.
> PostingTransaction is a TIB_Transaction linked to my queries and procs
> during a long posting process. It worked on 1 pass and then failed on
> the next 2.
> What does this mean and what's a likely cause?
> Thanks,
> Allen.

OK Forget it. I found the problem. Can't be setting a TIBOQuery's
IB_Transaction property to nil while the transaction is still active.

And of course, I did just that.

Seemed like a rather strange error. Made no sense until I solved the
problem, then it made perfect sense.