Subject BCD Fields
Author paultugwell
My initial message was going to be

'Reading the BDE->IBO conversion guide in the lates version of the
help file, it says that it is necessary to redefine all TBCDField
components to TIBOBCDField components. However, when creating a new
TIBOQuery, all persistant BCD Fields are created as TBCDField! The
program appears to work as well despite warnings that it won't in the
conversion guide. What's going on?'

However on reading the release notes from IBO 4.2Hh I note that the
TIBOBCDField is no longer used. This is very confusing to newbies
like me! Can I suggest that the help file and the FAQ on the website
are modified to remove this advice. I know that this is a minor point
but I think that this is important as most new IBO users like myself
come to IBO from a BDE background and need to convert existing
applications. My and other new users' first point of information will
therefore be the conversion guide.