Subject Transaction Oddities
Author Campbell Fuller
Ok, so I have an IB_Connection and an IB_Transaction. The Transaction links
to the Connection component via the IB_Connection property.

Ques. 1 - Do I need to link the DefaultTransaction property of the
IB_Connection to the IB_Transaction component?

The IB_Transaction is configured as follows: -

AutoCommit True
Isolation tiCommitted
LockWait False
RecVersion True
ServerAutoCommit False

For general inserts and updates I am not issuing StartTransaction or Commit
statements - I'm assuming that this happens automatically.

However, There are times when I'm doing a batch type input or update where I
want control the transaction myself so that I can RollBack if necessary. I
am doing one such update where I import a a Header Record and all its detail
records - the process is bound by a StartTransaction - Committ (with a
rollback on failure).

Ques. 2 - Why is it that upon issuing the COMMIT my datasets are closed???
Rather odd behaviour but thats what happens!

Ideas anyone?