Subject Re: [IBO] IB Caching
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Jack,

Jack Cane wrote:
> Does anyone know if Interbase supports data caching, wherein data once
> requested are placed in a disk cache for re-use in case the same data are
> requested again.
> I would like to know if (a) InterBase supports caching, and (b) if yes, can
> caching be defeated.
> tks,
> jwc

This is (a) the wrong ng for IB-related questions ;-) (IB-support is the place to
go) and (b) since you're dealing with *result sets* in a multi-transaction
SQL server environment, on-disk caching (other than the GDB itself) would not
make sense (cached data could have been changed by other clients/transactions
before it is re-used), so there's nothing to be defeated here<g>...


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