Subject Re: [IBO] Finding the Data
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Paul,

paultugwell wrote:
> In my BDE application it was simple to point the TDatabase component
> at a .gdb file - I used the BDE configuration programs to set up an
> alias!
> What's the best way to do this for IBO TIBDataset? My project has
> a 'system' database which will tell the application where all of the
> other databases are located but the application needs to know where
> the 'system' database is located. I have experimented with an ini
> file which has the advantage of being simple but the disadvantage of
> being visible and therefore deleteable. I could use a registry entry
> which has the advantage of being invisible but the disadvantage of
> requiring it to be set up on each PC.
> Any other suggestions please.

not too many options here - but be aware that storing the connect string in INI
has the same disadvantage than setting up a BDE alias, as BDE stores the aliases
in IDAPI.CFG which is just as visible and deleteable as any INI. (in fact it's
worse, as deleting IDAPI.CFG kills all your aliases at once!)

what you could do (apart from registry, which i don't like either) is using some
weird name for your INI and call it DAT, CFG or the like. You could crypt it with
a simple per-character XOR so it can't be found by doing a full text search -
a little "security by obscurity" :-)

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