Subject How to login to Interbase using TIB_Database
Author Scott Stillwell

I've designed a very basic table (CUSTOMER), one form,
one TIB_Database, one TIB_Query, one TIB_DataSource, one TIB_Grid. I've
set all my properties to attach to the database (Firebird 1.0.0 on RH
Linux 7.3) which is at limbo:/var/interbase/test.gdb. I am able to set
the Connected property on the database and the Active property on the
query to True, and I'm able to view and scroll the data in design mode
(I generated 100,000 rows of test's pretty freekin' quick).

Now, I try to actually run the application, and what I get is the form
with a grid with a single cell in it and NO data. No errors, no
complaints, just no data. Other than setting the properties in the
designer, I have not written one line of code (which is sort of futile
if you don't know WHERE to write it...

What have I done wrong?

Scott Stillwell

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