Subject Data Pump Question
Author Campbell Fuller
The Data Pump component (TIB_DATAPUMP) looks like it could be fairly useful
for archiving data on the fly. I seem to recall an example somewhere but
cannot find it myself and would appreciate it if anyone has one or knows of

Also, I have a need to export a dataset to either a different database or to
basically export and import into the same database. In both cases I need to
be able to change the value of one of the fields before its written to the
destination dataset. Does anyone know how to do this with the IB_DATAPUMP

Here's an example of the intended use - A company generates a quotation
consisting of a Quote Header and several Quote Items. Some time later that
have to produce another quote on virtually the same items. As there can be
up to 250+ items we simply export to some format and then import from there
BUT the QUOTE NO. is changed to reflect the new number. I had previously
handcoded this but seeing as the DataPump component exists I would prefer to
use it.