Subject 1:1 Relationship
Author Heri

Which method is more efficient for displaying data with IBO controls?

Two tables A and B, both with "ID integer primary key not null" field,
linked 1:1 together. (triggers ensure the correct relationship, in fact
Table B is edited only by triggers).
Table A will be shown in a grid for navigational purpose (in fact a simple
list with names), table B shows its fields in TIB_Edit controls which should
show the fields of the row matching the ID in table A.

Method 1: Use KeySource-Lookup Pattern? Keysource Table A, Lookup Table B

Method 2: Use Master-Detail pattern? Master Table A, Detail Table B

Method 3: ?

Considering that table B is much bigger than table A in the range
1000..100000 (other entities in the DB have also corresponding entries in
table B. More precisely the relationship should be written something like:
0..1 : 1 I don't know the official UML notation).



Heri Bender