Subject I'm home now
Author Jason Wharton
In case you hadn't noticed yet, I am home from a very nice vacation. We took
a road-trip throughout the western United States and saw some very beautiful
country. Camping with 4 children turned out to be pretty doable. We all had
a really great time overall.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who have stepped up their
efforts to provide support. I really am proud of the community we have and
greatly value all those who are contributing to make it so.

Trustware requests continue to stream in on a very regular basis and sales
continue to do fairly well too. In spite of all obstacles we face, IBO
continues to enjoy wide usage and a good reputation in the industry. It
wouldn't be this way if it were not for the many of you out there who spread
the word and assist in this forum. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate

I would also like to express my profound gratitude to all those who have
registered commercially and given financial assistance to IBO as well. These
are who are to be thanked that IBO is here as an option today. Without funds
coming in IBO wouldn't be possible for me to continue with and this is what
I have most enjoyed doing over the past 6 years so I really want to thank
those who have paid for their licensing. I encourage everyone to do so as
much as you are able, even if it is just purchasing a module or two or the
Getting Started Guide. It all adds up and in some way comes back to the

I'd also like to ask that you consider all those who have products that
either use IBO or extend its usefulness. They are an integral part of our
community and I'd like to see them succeed in their efforts as well.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ