Subject RE: [IBO] Login and Data Display
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 09:17 PM 10-08-02 -0400, you wrote:
> >I have created two forms:
> >
> >Form A, based on the MasterLinks example, with tib_connection, a
> >tib_transaction and three sets of (tIBOtable hooked to tDataSource and
> >tDataGrid). Except for login problems explained below, this is working ok.
> >
> >2. With tib_connection.LoginPrompt set to false, the default user name and
> >password properties are not recognized; ditto with a personal user name and
> >password which ahve been registered with the InterBase server. I get a
> >runtime error, but after closing the message boxes the app opens normally.
>First, I recommend using TIBODatabase with TIBOQuery, instead of
>TIB_Connection and TIB_Transaction. If you need to add more transaction
>objects, you can use TIBOTransaction. The "native IBO" components (TIB_*)
>that you have used are not incompatible, exactly, but they have less
>encapsulation of the TDataset-compatible stuff which TIBO* components were
>designed for.
>[Jack Cane] >> Understand the first part (database not
>connection/transaction). Just to be clear, you recommend using tiboQuery
>rather than tiboTable? Please confirm.

Well, yes I do...but that wasn't my message this time around. I'd failed
to notice that you had referred to TIBOTable, not TIBOQuery. However, the
same applies, re keeping everything within the TIBO* stream.

TIBOTable exists in the TDataset-compatible stream of components really
just for compatibility with existing BDE apps that people are
converting. In the process of converting say a Paradox app to Firebird or
InterBase one would get rid of table components PDQ. For an understanding
of why, pick up the TI sheet on Moving to Client/Server, from the TechInfo

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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