Subject NewRecord values in a lookupCombo
Author Scronkey
Hi there,

I'm not sure if I'm simply missing something here, so please
understand if this is a silly question.

I am using two IB_LookupCombo boxes which are correctly linked to
their respective lookup tables. All's well.

Now, I have a defaults table where users can fill out
their "preferred" values, so that when a new record is inserted,
these fields automatically fill out with these default values. Part
of these default values involve the two fields which are displayed
using the lookup combos. When I set the field values of these fields
(in the event onNewRecord), all values are displayed correctly in
their respective IB_Edit fields, but not reflected in the lookup
combo boxes.
How can I get the lookupCombo boxes to display the new field data I
have supplied in the onNewRecord event? I understand how different
the lookup's are for IBO, compared to the standard VCL data
components (ie the linking happens at the dataset level) so I'm
assuming it's something here. But I still don't get the greater

I hope I have made sense.