Subject Re: [IBO] BLR version not supported?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:59 AM 07-08-02 +0200, Martijn Tonies wrote:
> > > when trying to read BLOBs, I get the following errors:
> > > *** blr version 70 is not supported ***
> > > and
> > > *** blr version 116 is not supported ***
> > > and
> > > *** blr version 13 is not supported ***
> > > Other numbers appear too. What does it mean?

Geoff replied:

> >
> > To me it looks like something is out of sync, however with
> > such limited information I could not even begin to guess what.
> >
> > I suggest checking that you dont have multiple gds32.dll clients
> > installed (or if you do that the correct one is being selected).

Martijn wrote

>I'm using TIBOQuery.
>Just wanted to check if someone had a "ready" answer :)

I think Geoff's "ready answer" is on the button. You'll get these errors
when trying to read ODS 10 blobs using a lower gds32.dll/ Actually,
for IB_SQL use (sorry, I don't use Workbench) I keep several versions of
gds32.dll in my system dir...gds32_5_6.dll, gds32_ib60.dll, gds32_ib65.dll
and of course gds32.dll for my default distro - Firebird 1. I just compile
one "version" of IB_SQL for each server.

Of course, most people don't need four different versions on one machine. I
know of others who do it the other way around - they have one version of
IB_SQL and go in and change the names of the libs. I don't do it that way
because I can never say for sure that gds32.dll isn't already loaded in the

When I get the errors you reported, I know I'm using the wrong version of
IB_SQL <g>