Subject Re: [IBO] BLR version not supported?
Author Martijn Tonies

> > when trying to read BLOBs, I get the following errors:
> > *** blr version 70 is not supported ***
> > and
> > *** blr version 116 is not supported ***
> > and
> > *** blr version 13 is not supported ***
> > Other numbers appear too. What does it mean?
> To me it looks like something is out of sync, however with
> such limited information I could not even begin to guess what.
> I suggest checking that you dont have multiple gds32.dll clients
> installed (or if you do that the correct one is being selected).

Will do.

> I also suggest checking the same read of the blob with the ISQL that
> comes with whatever version of IB/FB you are using. See if the error
> continues - that is; the errors are being reported by IB/FB so whether
> the problem relates to IBO or IB/FB needs to be determined. If the
> problem turns out to be IB/FB then send you question (with suitable
> details) to ib_support.

Will do.

> Whereever you resubmit the question - please provide appropriate
> details (versions, sql and components/programs being used etc).

I'm using TIBOQuery.

Just wanted to check if someone had a "ready" answer :)


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