Subject Re: [IBO] using TIB_EditEnh on a TIB_Grid
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Tom,

> I am having problem using TIB_EditEnh on a grid.
> After entering the field that has EditMask defined and TIB_EditEnh
> dropped on a grid, I cannot leave that field using keyboard.
> Pressing arrow keys only moves the cursor within the field's text or
> does nothing (Up and Down arrows).

> I suspect I am missing something. What is it ?

The only thing you are missing is... Thats the way it works.

Keep in mind that you can drop spineditenh, lookupenh, memoenh etc
onto the grid as well. Such controls need the up/down arrows
internally, so the IB_Grid does not steal them (by default). Having
the same "feature" for all edit controls dropped onto the grid is
ensures that it is consistent (within themselves, if not with the
standard inplace editor).

Note that IMO comparison with the way the standard inplace editor
works is inappropriate. Regrettably the original designers of
TCustomGrid (the basis for TIB_Grid) did not envisage the sort of
use that the component would experience and so their decisions for
supporting inplace editing were inadequate.

What can you do about it?

Experiment with different combinations from the following IB_Grid
gnBrowseAlwaysNavigate, // particularly this
gnCtrlNavigate, // and this

Things like gnBrowseAlwaysNavigate and gnCtrlNavigate were
specifically introduced to try and offer some practical way around
this problem.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing