Subject Re: [IBO] Storing Files in Firebird
Author Frank Ingermann

custom_soft_sol wrote:
> Hi all.
> What would be the best way to save a file into a firebird database.
> I assume I would use a blob. Am I correct??
> Could anyone help me out with how to do this in Delphi 5.
> Thanks.

assuming the files aren't overly large, this would be the way to go (otherwise
it might be better to store just the filenames in the gdb and leave the actual
files on disk - this of course introduces more questions, like how to give the
users access to those files etc.)

So, when they are not too large, you can just use a blob field and an ordinary
Insert/Update statement with e.g. a TIB_Query. The TIB_ColumnBlob field class
has a LoadFromFile method all ready for you.

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