Subject New Help file builds
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
Greetz all,
I have just uploaded new builds of the IBO help file to all areas.

This is an all-new file built over the latest sources (IBO 4.2Hi) using the
latest version of DigitalLogikk's component help generator, Time2Help. We
now have full indexing (right down to property and event level) and
inheritance of ancestor documentation. It is *not* an update - so you will
need to de-install the existing help before installing this one. On the
"good news" side, there is a completely new Installation Guide section,
which includes tips for installing the help file.

Another new feature is that we can build versions of the help with
different visibility options. For IBO source subscribers, I have built a
"component writer's version" which includes protected items. It's a
considerably larger file, of course, but you can make that choice when
visiting the subscribers' download area, where both builds are available.

The "public" helpfile packs is named The "protected"
version is These are new names. For those who got their
original helpfiles via the IBPhoenix or Borland CDs, or who have the
download pages cached in their browsers, the old links won't work.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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