Subject Problem with param value
Author Holger Klemt
i have one problem:

i need a query for a table, which is created automatically
(for any table structure)

for example

select id,field1,field2,field3 from tbl where id=123

this is opened in q1:TIB_Query

with the next SQL i want to create automatically an insert statement
(using q2:TIB_Query)

insert into tbl(id,field1,field2,field3) values(:id,:field1,:field2,:field3)

now i want to send each value from the first query

for i:=0 to q1.fieldcount-1 do q2.params[i].value:=q1.fields[i].value;

and execute this.

When i was using ibx, it was no problem, when when i was
using ibo, it gave me a arithmeitc truncation, ..... error, but i don�t
know, on which field.

ibx version runs fine with all datatypes (also blob and other).

any idea ?

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